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August 29, 2022

Hapbee Releases Next-Generation Digital Wellness Platform: Hapbee 2.0

Redesigned user experience and architecture gives the Hapbee community greater control of their sleep routines and supports strategic growth initiatives.

VANCOUVER, BC, Aug. 29, 2022 /CNW/ - Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (TSXV: HAPB) (OTCQB: HAPBF) (FSE: HA1) ("Hapbee" or the "Company"), the digital wellness technology company, has launched its redesigned and upgraded Hapbee Mobile App ("V2.0") and Firmware Operating System.

The releases include a series of substantial consumer-facing product enhancements based on significant in-market testing and feedback from its growing community of passionate users.  They also include critical new core functionalities that set the stage for the Company's next phase of platform growth, which will focus on partnerships and integrations.

V2.0 started rolling out to select user groups in early July and completed distribution through Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store this month. Following the launch, Hapbee experienced its highest user engagement ever – with Daily Active Users reaching over 1,350 users per day during the first week of August 2022 representing a 125% increase vs. its previous peak achieved in Q4 2021.

"It was clear based on input from our community what steps we needed to take in order to prepare Hapbee for long-term growth and mass customer adoption," said Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee. "Upgrading our user experience to make it more intuitive was a key element and we are delighted with the impressive customer engagement growth on the new platform. Building out an architecture capable of supporting user-generated content, partnerships and integrations, enterprise customers and the next generation of Hapbee-powered devices is a major step forward that has been months in the making."

V2.0 Consumer-Facing Enhancements

Routines - The Company has expanded its digital wellness library by introducing Wellness Routines, which allow users to time-release Blends in a "playlist" without having to start and stop.  Routines are divided into 3 wellness categories: Sleep, Perform and Mood.  Routines are especially useful for sleep, allowing users to "program" an entire night, eliminating the need to restart or switch Blends manually.

Time-Picker / Favorites - V2.0's look and feel are more intuitive, providing easier navigation while allowing users to save their favorite Routines and Blends for quicker access.

Enhanced Bluetooth – Vastly improved connectivity between the Hapbee App and Hapbee-powered devices means more reliable usage and less time pairing.

Operating System Enhancements

In addition to user-facing improvements, Hapbee has released a major upgrade to its core operating architecture and Firmware Operating System to support several key strategic priorities that were not feasible in its previous app.

My Routines – As Hapbee continues to expand its appeal to a larger audience, a growing number of users have approached the Company and proposed sharing their personal Hapbee use cases as examples that others may enjoy while using the platform. The ability to author and publish custom Routines is a key new functionality of the new Hapbee Platform.  The Company plans to announce new user generated 'MyRoutine' drops authored by community members and available to Hapbee subscribers over the coming weeks.

Partner Integrations – The ability to leverage bio-tracking data to provide personalized wellness Routine recommendations is another major leap forward made possible by V2.0.  Millions of consumers are actively tracking their sleep and other bio-metric data through a variety of wearables and sleep devices/technology. Completing the loop with individualized sleep or performance routines enables Hapbee to potentially collaborate with leading brands and trailblaze the next phase for digital wellness.  

Account Management – Hapbee's growing community has become more refined in terms of its usage, needs, and desires when using the Hapbee Platform. V2.0 allows greater flexibility for creating unique account groups, subscription plans, and supporting enterprise customers.

Multi-Device Firmware - The Company showcased several new sleep-oriented form factors at the Consumer Electronic Show in January of this year. An updated firmware stack was a prerequisite to support the forthcoming launch of new hardware products to both the consumer and enterprise markets. V2.0 paves the way for the Company to launch new and highly anticipated sleep-oriented form factors.

Additions to Senior Management Team

The Company is also pleased to announce that Hapbee has appointed Mitch Kujavsky as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), replacing interim CFO Brent Dobsch effective Aug 1, 2022.  Mitch is based in Montreal and has many years of experience leading finance and accounting for both public and private companies.  He also serves as an elected counsellor for the City of Cote Saint Luc.

About Hapbee

Hapbee is a digital wellness technology company that aims to help people take control of how they sleep, perform and feel. Hapbee's digital wellness library of Blends and Routines utilizes patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®), designed to help optimize users' sleep, productivity, recovery, and downtime.  Hapbee is available for purchase at Hapbee.com and through a growing network of select distributors.

You can learn more about how Hapbee works at www.hapbee.com/science.

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