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September 15, 2022

Hapbee Launches Latest Wellness Tech Innovation Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

Hapbee Launches Latest Wellness Tech Innovation Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

The Smart Sleep Pad extends Hapbee device line-up with a new form factor designed for sleep that delivers strong results

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept 15, 2022 – Hapbee Technologies, Inc. (TSXV: HAPB) (OTCQB:HAPBF) (FSE: HA1) (“Hapbee" or the "Company"), the digital wellness technology company is pleased to announce the launch of the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad, a versatile, comfort-first,sleep-oriented pad that is powered by Hapbee’s innovative digital wellness app.

Over 70% of Americans suffer from different types of sleep disorders such as chronic insomnia, interrupted sleep as well as issues related to falling asleep or getting sufficient deep, restorative sleep. A growing number of these consumers are turning away from stimulants and chemicals and looking to innovative and effective natural solutions like Hapbee that are drug-free and do not harbor negative side effects.

Engineering Hapbee’s unique digital wellness technology into a recognizable, consumer-friendly product has been a major priority for the Company based on feedback from both consumers and enterprise clients.

Overview of the Hapbee Smart Sleep Pad

Smart Sleep Pad
Smart Sleep Pad Retail Packaging

“The Smart Sleep Pad represents a major milestone for our company and for our customers,”

Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee

The pad measures approx 12” x 18” and is roughly 0.5” thick. Its exterior is made of soft, quilted material with a foam-padded center for maximum comfort and minimum disruption. It has been designed for versatility - for use on the bed under a pillow or as a pillow while traveling as well as for behind the back for comfort and relaxation while a person is seated. The pad is thin and cushioned and as a result, it can be used anywhere to ensure quality sleep. One of the Smart Sleep Pad’s most compelling features is its apparent improved efficacy for sleep as compared to the Hapbee Neckband. It features a 10” coil that is 50% larger than the Neckband, which in lab tests and human trials has delivered consistently stronger and more noticeable effects due to the larger field radius and “sweet spot” that overcomes movement during sleep.

“The Smart Sleep Pad represents a major milestone for our company and for our customers,” said Yona Shtern, CEO of Hapbee. “After months of careful research and lots of feedback from our community of users, we are delighted to have designed an effective, natural, user-friendly product designed especially for sleep - our largest category of use. This new form factor provides our customers with the night-time sleep and relaxation solution they have been asking for and is the perfect complement to the Hapbee Neckband for focus and performance during the day.”

Furthermore, the Smart Sleep Pad will be shown at the Company’s booth at the Biohacking Conference at the Beverly Hills Hilton in Los Angeles, California from September 15 to September 18, 2022.

The Smart Sleep Pad is compatible with Hapbee App Version 2.0 and later versions. Current Hapbee subscribers do not require an additional subscription to power the device. They simply need to register the Smart Sleep Pad to their account directly in the Hapbee App. The Smart Sleep Pad is available for pre-order starting on September 15 on the Company’s website at www.Hapbee.com. First production of the pads are scheduled to start shipping in time for the end-of-year holiday season. Orders will be shipped on a first-come, first-served basis and customers are encouraged to place their orders early to ensure access to current production run.

Users can upgrade to Hapbee Mobile App version 2.0.4 or later as a free download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play..

About Hapbee

Hapbee is a digital wellness technology company that aims to help people take control of how they sleep, perform and feel. Hapbee’s digital wellness library of Blends and Routines utilizes patented ultra-low radio frequency energy (ulRFE®), designed to help optimize users' sleep, productivity, recovery, and downtime. Hapbee devices and subscriptions are available for purchase at Hapbee.com and through a growing network of select distributors. You can learn more about how Hapbee works at www.hapbee.com/science.Hapbee is available for purchase at Hapbee.com.

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